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Silver Stocks -- Uncovering the best of the best

  • 09 Feb 2012 7:29 PM
    Message # 821159
    Bill Downey (Administrator)

    The Silver Stocks topic was created so that members can share their FAVORITE Silver Stocks with the community.  The outcome is we would all be aware of the Silver Companies out there that are "FAVORITES" with the community. Through discussions, and charts, the goal is to get to the best of the best ones and get very knowledgable about the silver stocks we own.  Once we have the best of the best, we will ADD THEM TO the Gold stocks button (soon to be gold and silver stocks button).  Through discussions and analysis, we can get to which ones are the best. 

     How will we know they are the best ? 

    When all is said and done, the best stocks are the ones that are currently climbing the charts with the highest velocity and the greatest momentum.  Everything else about a company can be interesting, have a lot of promise, and be the next Homestake Mining, or one of the thousands that go to zero.  But the only thing that matters---is what are the very best one's in the "NOW MOMENT"---right now.  Nothing else (at the moment matters). If we're interested in silver stocks, they are the ones we should own.  Point blank. 

    The "best of the best" list will be derived from our discussions and different analytical views. Once we have the list, we pull up the chart, and verify that they belong in the "now moment" list.

    Once we have the "now moment" stocks, a second list will be the "future" stocks or the "on watch" list of stocks.  Once they kick in on the chart, we'll have our ground floor entries just when the stock is coming out of the doldrums and the LONG WAITING PERIODS investor's go thru.  If we think about it, why would we want to have our money invested in any stock that is going nowhere ?  Because of future prospects ?  Absolutely.  

    Since most don't have enough money,  we need to have it invested in something that is moving.  The best time to invest in a stock is when it begins moving and is showing that the fundamentals are finally coming together. That is the best time to invest.  I didn't say the LOWEST price to invest, but the "optimum" time.  The optimum time is when they are moving.  Besides the LOWEST time is not necessarily a good thing.  After all, a stock doing nothing could mean behind closed doors, the PLAN is failing miserably, or they are far from reaching their goals (in the now moment) or there are obastacles in the way.  When that's true,  the LOWEST price becomes LOWER. 

    When a stock begins to move, it means that things are starting to fall in place --FINALLY.  That's when it goes off your "watch list" to the begin to accumulate portion.

    If there are others in the community that think this is a good idea, and we get a "team" going,  I will create a full page that will incorporate the charts, one or two key paragraphs for each stock, and we'll identify the BUY ZONES, and the technical readings to list the long, medium, and intermediate term trends.  If we do this right, we can create the ultimate silver page. The best of the best "now moment" list, and the Stocks to "watch" list. 

    If this is done correctly with the community expertise we have, I'm pretty sure we can build up a great portfolio of silver stocks.  I don't know if there are other community stock pages out there, but I'm ready to have GoldTrends (and yes, at some point,we are going to split the both up and have a website.)

    At the very least, this forum would keep Silver stock investors up to date on news and more importantly, would provide disscussion and therefore analysis and views by individuals who are well versed with mining companies and the industry as a whole or just that of individual investor's.

    The greatest strength of any community is when we join together and help each other learn and share information that is helpful to all. We all have our strengths and weakness but it is important to recognize that if we are to go forward in all endeavors, the strength of our abilitiy to succeed lies within a community, team, or gathering of individuals, large and small, bold and humble, with each diversity (to a reasonable extent) embraced as an asset, and not a liability. 

    I think it would be exciting to be in a community that has educated themselves, and through professional discussion, and a careful care and concern for all other's view, derive a list of the best silver stocks?    

    Where the forum goes to from here, big or small, successful or not, what matter's is the "idea" and a go at it was attempted.  There is no success without failure. And most success, only comes after a lot of failure. So, we give it a try here.  It could become a great forum to isolate the best silver stocks. The rest is up to how much interest it will generate. But the potential is there and that is what can make it exciting. 

    The most important attribute to success in this business is the ability to say, "I WAS WRONG." The only way we learn and grow is thrrough error. If we can't say, I was wrong, then we will eventually lose because we will stick with stocks and trades that are loser.  If we have difficulty with I'm wrong, we can lose a lot of money. Each time you hold a position and ride it all the way down, you are in a manner not comfortable with saying, I'm wrong.  A forum is a good way to at least have as much information about a company, and based on the information, make better selections on silver stocks.

     The greatest baseball hitter that ever played since 1940, in his greatest season, only got on base 4 out of every ten times at bat.  Being wrong in this industry and knowing it, is our greatest asset to avoid the only unforgiving sin---and that's letting a small loss turn into a large one.

    Thus having the best one's being tracked surely can't hurt our stock selections and our views on silver stocks.

  • 09 Feb 2012 8:08 PM
    Reply # 821188 on 821159
    Bill Downey (Administrator)

    Aurcana Corp -- AUN.V

    The First Silver Stock to list on the forum is Aurcana Corp Symobol AUN.V

    The stock chart looks like something is finally going on with this company.  If some of you are familiar with the stock, please chime in.  Here's a few key links about the company. I don't know the stock, or the company. what I read seemed interesting, but i'm no mining expert. 

    Here's a good overview link 

    Here's a write up about the stock and a write up about the person who is recommending it

    And Last but not least, the chart.  Price is challenging the 2007 downtrend line and the technical price pattern is beginning to exhiibiting signs of life.  Resistance is the line itself at the 90 cent level and the $1.25-$1.38 area. As long as price is above the support line, the trend is up. The 34 week average is not much help as it is right in the middle of the consolidation.  But that is where that average should be, right in the middle when its a long consolidation.  Price is up 900% since the lows of 2009, but is not indicative that it will continue to grow.  So, I'd ignore that stat.  All I need is a stock that has gone from 1 penny to a dime and I'd be ahead. So, right away, I dismiss it as not relavant. IF we're playing that game, we can say it's down 50% from its highs.

    From a technical perspective, AUN has reached the downtrend line.  Since its a five year line,  it will generate buying on a penetration, as we are not the only pair of eyes.  Price is arriving at the edge of the wedge---so we know that this consolidation period is coming to an end. The smaller the stock, the more important is the FUNDAMENTALS. There is no getting around that. The chart is what we use to at least "confirm" that the fundamentals might be kicking in.  I'm not qualified in that area, but if someone is, please give us your thoughts.

    This stock is more a "watch" stock at the moment.  But for those savvy on the stock, and follow it, there's two places -- basically the 69 cent and 51 cent area that offers price support. First resistance on a breakout is above the downtrend line.  Target $1.25-$1.37 on a break out. One rule I always use, personally, is I always sell 1/2 on a double.  Let the discussions begin.

    Aurcana Corp Silver Mining Weekly Price Chart with Trend Channels and resistance and support area's


  • 09 Feb 2012 9:50 PM
    Reply # 821273 on 821159
    Deleted user

    Take a bow Bill you've done a great job with your new site!

    You have a great calm about your trades, no emotion, no ego...I don't call a loss a bad trade, its all about trading.

    Continued success to us all here at Gold(silver)Trends the next few years are going to get really wild!  Although I trade on my own now having your daily service is like being back on an FX desk, its great to get confirmation for what I think I see on my charts.

    First Majestic Silver has been my fav trade hope it shows up in your great detailed analysis soon.  

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