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Buying gold bullion or generally investing in precious metals is one of the best ways of protecting your wealth and ensuring your family’s next generation is taken care of properly. Most people choose to deal with gold and other precious metals to guard their investments from inflation and other economic uncertainties. The investment-grade gold can also be used in the financial markets as legal tender coins. The correlation between gold bullion products and other assets can also help you balance your portfolio. Owning gold bullion bars or coins also comes with better security compared to other options like exchange-traded funds. Their physical nature means you can liquidate them even with economic instability.

Where to buy gold bullion and other precious metals

Gold and silver can be obtained online or offline from local shops that have been around and have evolved over the years. Such setups will allow you to view the gold or silver coins before buying them. In comparison, online dealers have been around for a lesser duration and will only give a virtual presentation of the gold and silver bullion coins.

The process used to buy gold and silver online and offline is usually the same. You observe features and peruse the available options before selecting the one you are interested in most. The buying process also has several differences, with the main one being convenience. On the one hand, you have to travel to the shops to get the physical gold, and on the other, you get to access the online platforms from anywhere. In most cases, local dealers also have fewer precious metal selections than their online counterparts. The prices also differ, with the online dealers offering more competitive costs than offline sellers. Since local stores act as resale centres, they may not authenticate the value of the precious metals before selling them to clients who also buy them at face value.

Below we have provided you with information and links to some of the leading providers of bullion. If you choose to purchase, you will be purchasing directly from the supplier, and not from The supplier may choose to pay us a small commission for introducing you to them as a buyer.

1 ounce Gold Bar – Crédit Suisse

1 ounce gold bar - credit suisse

As low as spot + $65.19 per ounce

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1 ounce Gold Bar – Valcambi


As low as spot + $65.19 per ounce

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100 grams Gold Bar – Valcambi


As low as spot + $59.04 per ounce

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100 grams Gold Bar – Crédit Suisse


As low as spot + $59.04 per ounce
Currently Out Of Stock

250 grams Gold Bar – Valcambi


As low as spot + $46.74 per ounce

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500 grams Gold Bar – Valcambi


As low as spot + $41.82 per ounce

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1 kilogram Gold Bar – Valcambi


As low as spot + $31.98 per ounce

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1 kilogram Gold Bar – Crédit Suisse


As low as spot + $31.98 per ounce
Currently Out Of Stock

* = Prices quoted may vary from those given by the supplier. We do our best to be as accurate as possible and update the prices on a weekly basis if required.

Comparing physical vs. paper precious metals

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when buying precious metals is choosing whether to invest in physical metal or paper metals. Physical metals are the pieces of bullion bars that are delivered to your location when you buy them without the involvement of a third party. They have higher transaction costs than paper metals, where proof of ownership is always in the form of a document. After buying gold, you get the documentation that serves as proof of ownership. The option also gives more alternatives than buying gold bars and coins. For instance, you can purchase precious metal exchange-traded funds, where you buy shares, or deal with mining stocks from companies dealing with them.

The main advantage of paper metal investment is the lower costs, but they also have the disadvantage of being under the control of third parties or companies. Investors usually have little to no control or accessibility. The assets can be seized if anything goes wrong, making it a less secure investment option. If you are looking for a more secure alternative, physical gold is a better choice.

The gold bullion buying process

Buying gold and silver is a straightforward process that anyone can handle, even first-time investors. Start by finding a reputable site selling bullion, then choose the gold bars you want based on their weight, price, and quantity. You are likely to get a discount if you purchase gold bullion online, especially in large quantities. After delivery, you can store the gold bullion in a safe deposit box.

Always confirm the gold standard you are investing in and ensure it is pure gold. Also, make sure the collectible coins have the manufacture’s name embedded, with the weight and purity stamped on them. Sovereign mints usually used to make gold bars include Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and Valcambi.

All investment quality gold does not have the same value, but they can all give you profits for your money. As such, if you intend to invest in a gold product that has more value, coins are not the best choice. All coins, including those of silver, have historical benefits and lower value, but their numismatic value still makes them costly. The bullion market value can also influence the cost, which is why the American gold eagle coin costs more even though it is only 91.67% pure gold.

Another essential factor to consider when buying gold bullion coins is their size, which affects their liquidation. For instance, if you want to invest $15,000 in gold bullion and a dealer sells at $1,500 per ounce, buying several 1-ounce bars will be better than a single 10-ounce bar because liquidating them is easier. Shopping around and knowing the gold spot price is also crucial.

Why invest in gold bullion

Investing in gold rounds is a great way of protecting your assets and diversifying your portfolio. The metal can be used as legal tender, among other uses. You can get more gold options from us. Examples are:


·       1 ounce Gold Buffalo

·       1 ounce Gold Kangaroo

·       1 ounce Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

·       1 ounce Gold Krugerrand

·       1 ounce Gold Britannia

·       1 ounce Gold American Eagle

·       1 ounce Gold Philharmonics

·       ROYAL MINT GOLD LUNAR SERIES COINS which contains an image of Queen Elizabeth II

You can check out gold coins in more detail, on our gold coins page.

 Gold bars

1-ounce, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1-kilogram gold bars.

Another way to invest in gold for the benefit of diversification, if you live in the United States, is to look at adding gold and other precious metals, to your individual retirement account.  Visit our page on gold ira companies if you are interested in learning more.



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